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It seems at least possible that the students who engaged in this unconscionable act would have done likewise even if it had been a heterosexual act.

Zach Stark is another US teen who experienced rejection – in this case by BOTH his fundamentalist parents – when he came out several years ago.

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The Illinois Family Institute were reluctant to admit that this was a case of gay bullying, saying: Despite what homosexualists immediately pronounced, there is no indication that the taping was motivated by anti-homosexual animus.Perhaps if Tyler had not been taught the bleakly deterministic view that he was ‘born’ homosexual, he would have had more hope for the future and would have been more likely to resist homosexual temptation. Clementi’s friends confided that they, too, had gay children. Now the Clementi family, who have a middle son, James, who is gay, is devoting itself to a foundation promoting acceptance with the hope of preventing the suicides of gay teenagers.I think some people think that sexual orientation can be changed or prayed over. There can be no doubt that gay bullying also played a role in Tyler’s death.They reacted by packing him off, at the age of 16, to a“gay cure boot camp” run by an outfit called Love in Action, part of the Exodus International franchise.


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