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Would you post a photo of you standing in front of your new car – with the license plate showing in the background?Or post a photo of your new driver’s license, student ID or your first credit card?Phishing scams—where a fraudster poses as a legitimate company to get your secret information—have become sophisticated: they may send emails asking for your username and password or direct you to a website to verify your password, all to take control of your financial identity.

Here are some tips to keep your info safe: Did you know that young people make up almost a third of US identity theft victims?It’s because they tend to have good credit, making them an attractive target, and they often fail to fully protect their personal details.



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    Created by Nick Corirossi and Charles Ingram, and produced by Funny Or Die. He's like any other host of kids programming, except that he is barely able to contain the suppressed rage boiling underneath his quiet demeanor. But as his motives are questioned and the guests refuse to respond in the way that he had hoped, this misbegotten exercise in "doing good" soon goes very, very wrong.

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