What is seriously dating someone


When a man takes you to meet the important people in his life, it means one of the following: (a) he thinks you are wonderful and worth showing off—and is sure others will agree; or (b) he thinks you are wonderful and worth showing off—and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.Either way it’s a good sign that, to him, you are much more than a casual acquaintance.You're discovering the other person and maybe even falling in love, but also keeping your guard up.

If he plays softball in the city recreation league, he wants you in the bleachers for the games. what you’ve written lately and whether he may (please, please) read it.

If he loves scuba diving, he gives you a brochure about lessons at a local pool so you can one day plan a diving trip together. If you get to the end of an evening and realize the man you’re with has kept you talking the whole time about yourself, be assured that he’s quite taken with you.



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