What is updating pe environment

This also applies to the Windows 7-based edition, Windows PE 3.0.Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment) was originally designed to deploy Windows.For Windows PE 1.0, the minimalist Windows based on Windows 2003/XP, you needed an SA (Software Assurance), OEM, or ISV license.When Windows Vista was released everyone had access to Windows PE 2.0.Storage Craft ships a USB key for the IT Edition which includes: The USB key can boot a system into RE-X for backing up or restoring system volumes.The REBuilder tool adds REWIND-IT to the key to create the familiar IT Edition.You will see that the procedure described here is much more convenient than most solutions you’ll find on the web.


Environment for Windows IT Edition (also known as REWIND-IT) either in the Standard or PRO version.The resulting IT Edition works as previous editions with tools to restore system volumes.Once the tool adds REWIND-IT to the key, the key can perform two operations: The program burns the ISO to the disc or USB key.You can now use the disc (or insert the USB key) to boot a PC and recover a system volume.


If this is an IT Edition PRO, you can also run Shadow Protect Granular Recovery for Exchange (GRE) to restore mailboxes, folders, or messages.Update: There is now an easier way to create Windows PE boot media.



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