When did rob and kristen stewart dating


READ ALSO: Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Dating False! After their breakup in 2013, Stewart has dated other people. However, the 30-year-old’s romance with singer Twigs, 28, was serious enough to lead to an engagement.

"He doesn't have any ill will towards her, they did their time together and is happy knowing she is happy." Pattinson's own love life, meanwhile, is faltering.

His fiancée, FKA Twigs, has apparently given him a "wedding ultimatum," telling him, "Either they get married, or they move on, it's that simple," a source told Hollywood Life.

"She's told him she would like to do something in the summer, but has warned him she doesn't want this dragging on." To blame for Pattinson's cold feet is apparently his family, who "planted a seed in his head, questioning whether Twigs is the right person he should be settling down with," a pal told Hollywood Life last year.

"He just wants to make sure everyone in his family is on the same page.

"Twigs has told Rob this year they have to get married," the source said.

"She's fed up of waiting, and she wants something small, quiet and private, so it doesn't need any elaborate plans." "It may even be a registry wedding, in front of a handful of friends and family in the UK," according to the insider.

The people I work with know this." "Three weeks before filming, I just panic and call my family or friends telling them I will never be able to do it," Pattinson said. Fans speculated that perhaps seeing some nuances of the storyline took her back to her relationship with Pattinson.



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