When to say i love you while dating

After sex, we'd start to talk and often let eachother know we simply loved the way we were feeling at the time we were having sex. with no facial contact, it usually means I am loving what we're doing....its kiss kiss I love you, kiss kiss, it means, I love you.Also, men need to realize the difference between I LOVE YOU and I LOVE HAVING SEX WITH YOU. I try to love as well and be as giving as I can possibly be and it hurts when someone stops loving me or I stop loving them; but to pretend that we're capable of some immutable feeling or passion that will never go away is not only self-deceiving; it's dishonest.I love the way they make me feel, I don't love them personally.On the other hand, I am now with the woman of my dreams and when we make love....Ended up in bed and half way into it she tells me she loves me ! Wish I could forward this conversation to a buddy so he could realize exactly how much he is hurting me.I used to date this girl and we often said we loved eachother, during sex. It depends on the situation..I say ohhhhhh I LLLLLLLLOVE YOU!


Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your really depends on the sex...its with some one that your dating and serious about then i dont see why not...the other hand if its just a quick roll in the hay then its like an unwritten role not to say it. if he says "I love you" what he most likely means is he loves the way you make him feel, at that moment.I have been with women and had sex and I must admit I do want to say it but I know what I really mean.



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