White guy beat up for dating black girl

Ever since I started college I have found myself attracted to white guys in a curious way. Also how do white girls feel about black women white men relationships because i know that some black women feel negatively towards black men dating white woman. She is the first woman I have dated outside my own skin color.

I really do think some are attractive especially the really white guys with blond hair and ambercrombie cloths on etc. We both live in NYC and my family is from Ireland while hers is from Belize. I was always attracted to black women or all colored women as long as I found them attractive.

Weird part now is that I get hit on by black women almost on a daily basis.

I brought this up to my girlfriend jokingly and said that these women smell her pheromones on me.




I asked her how did I go totally unnoticed by black women and now that I date one I need to beat them off me with a bat.

She said black women can apparently tell when a white guy is into a black woman by the way a white guy looks at the woman..



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