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If you accidentally deny access, you can always go to Callnote allows you to record your Skype conversations and automatically forward them to Evernote.

This app only records audio of up to eight lines at once.

Skype is a free video and audio chat client that is available for many different platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, i OS, and Google Android.


Skype apps are small applications that plug into your Skype client to enrich it with extra features.

The Skype App Directory presently counts 38 apps in ten categories, ranging from business to translators.

Most apps are available for Windows, some also plug into the Mac client, and one is designed to work with Google Android and i OS.

Unfortunately, Linux users cannot take advantage of Skype apps.

Skype apps are installed independent of Skype and you don’t have to close Skype during the process.Once the installation is completed, you need to give the application access to Skype.



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