White women dating aggressive black men

In the past year it has even spilled over into the comment sections of non-racist blogs.It appears that some white men don’t like the idea that they have to compete with men who, on average, take more naturally to game principles than they do.One of the reasons I identify with black men is because I see a lot of parallels with them dating white girls and American men such as myself dating foreign girls…A rare but growing demographic you will see in the U. are black women married to white men, but to me they are the most special. Yes, it all starts with going out there and dating white men, but it can lead to good solid matrimony. Lets give homage to the beauty of all the onyxes with their pearls, and all the sweet cocoa and vanilla cookies sweetening up the world.Not only are black women marrying white men because they make a beautiful match, but their marriages also work. On white nationalism sites there is growing anger at black men who date white women.As fat as white girls are getting, they are still not as fat as black women, meaning that you’ll have more black men crossing over.


Their rage is growing in lockstep with a diminishing pool of attractive and slim white women. They shouldn’t get mad at black men—they should get mad at black women.

The average black woman is America is not like this… While black men have a preference for girls with a big booty and thick thighs, they don’t have a preference for land whales.



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