Who is aaron rodgers dating 2016

“Olivia freaks out and flies off the handle for no reason and gets really jealous,” a source told Life & Style Magazine.Munn supposedly is worried because the reigning NFL MVP wants to break up with her. The Bachelorette contestant says the account ISN'T active after all!The gorgeous guy took to Twitter to insist that he deactivated his account months ago, and recently canceled it altogether! A fan on Twitter ALSO heard about the former football player's profile, and even sent out a message to warn Miz Fletcher, writing: Soooooo what does this mean for Jordan's fate on the hit ABC reality show?!?He wrote: 's Chad Johnson Makes Out With Fellow Contestant's Ex! Did he get eliminated and decide to get back in the dating pool?According to the app's description, Raya is "a private network for people in the creative industries," or what some people call "the secret dating app for celebrities" and the "Illuminati Tinder." There's also an application process and a selection committee to determine who gets on the exclusive app, so it's not looking like this is a fake! Did he WIN and start living up to his reputation as a supposed cheater???? Not to mention, when the insider stumbled on the 27-year-old's handle, they saw it's the same as his Instagram handle, and says the NFL alum lives in Nashville, and is originally from Chico, California.

Life & Style magazine says Rodgers and Munn have been having many fights lately, leaving the Packers quarterback looking for a way out.They say the 34-year-old actress has had jealousy issues.“Now she’s having a meltdown because Aaron wants to break up,” the source adds. ” Reports about the two being together first surfaced last May.They began making public appearances together before too long, with Munn going to Wisconsin to visit Rodgers multiple times.

She was so dedicated to him she even said she gave up work opportunities to be with him.We thought all was good in their relationship when Rodgers specifically shouted out Munn during his MVP acceptance speech, saying on a huge stage, “I love you.” “There’s no one I’d rather spend every day of the journey with than you, baby. Apparently things have changed drastically since then.



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