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Although the 32-year-old country singer and her R&B singer beau appear to be going strong just months into their romance, Lambert's latest date was with a "lady." "Date night with the pink lady...

#musicismedicine #blurrywords #sharppencil #notebookpaper #pinkguitar @gibsonguitar," Lambert captioned the photo below.

"Anderson loves all 15 of Miranda's animals," the insider shared.

"They both are very into helping make a difference.

"They both have discussed wanting kids one day," a source told E! "When they are both not on tour, they are with each other.

They video chat or text and keep connected every day." They've also met one another's families, and East is a big fan of Lambert's animals -- all 15 of them!

Miranda is definitely in love with Anderson." Lambert is also a fan of her ex-husband's new romance with Gwen Stefani, and, according to the source, is glad "they are happy." "She is in the best place of her life now and looking forward to the future!

Miranda Lambert enjoyed a date night earlier this week.

However, it doesn't appear to have been with her boyfriend, Anderson East.



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