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Their chemistry was fabulous and we can’t imagine anyone else playing Edward and Bella!The 'Twilight' series contains four books about a dreamy vampire and the charmingly klutzy girl who loves him.being a “happy accident” where he met director David Cronenberg.When Rob was asked if he would do another film based off of the vampire franchise from author Stephenie Meyer, he replied, “why not! He was also asked about Kristen in the interview, but sadly, he refused to talk about her! Well, we’re not sure what would be without Rob and Kristen as the leads.Also, she is much more advanced than the students in the school that she has just moved to, but that's okay, because she makes up for it by being clumsy, since every well-developed character needs exactly one (1) flaw.Stephanie Meyer's exemplary writing style is demonstrated in this conversation between Edward and our narrator Bella: Despite being so plain, Bella is admired by everyone in her new hometown of Forks, Washington, especially Edward Cullen.This isn't made explicitly clear in the book, but Edward has been creeping into her room and watching her sleep every night since he met her. Also, Edward has mind-reading powers, except they don't work on Bella.


The books tell the story of the vampire Edward Cullen, who is described as an "Adonis" no more than every time the author is able to, and Bella Swan, a "plain" girl who reads "serious" literature like Wuthering Heights because she's so intelligent.

A mere number of days after they begin dating, Edward takes her to the woods and reveals the reason that vampires don't go out in the sun: they sparkle.

This is the turning point in what until now has been just a bad book.

Originally, Edward just wanted to eat her, but, disappointingly, realizes eventually that in fact what he is feeling is true love, and after a couple of days they start dating.


After two or three weeks, Bella is begging him to turn her into a vampire because of true love.

Bella gasps and swoons, and Edward takes his shirt off to show her all of his glitter infection, and then they lie there chastely on the grass.



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