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MORE: Amber Rose Says She 'Can't Even Count' How Many Times a 'Famous Guy' Has Touched Her Inappropriately After Bash was handed a piece of candy, he earnestly declared, “What a great Halloween decoration!

” prompting the surprised home owner to hand over yet another treat to the little cutie.

where she competed with Val’s brother, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Since leaving the show, Rose and Mak’s little bro have sparked romance rumors.

Val posted the pic in honor of Amber’s birthday — she turned 33 on Friday.

"He just loves the attention, and that's why he doesn't care if the media spreads those rumors." Despite the rumors surrounding her love life, Rose made it clear that there was one man she was most excited to be spending the holiday with – her son, Bash.The proud mom posted a precious video of the 3-year-old trick-or-treating in his spider costume.



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