Who is amir khan dating

He happens to be the younger brother of well known producer, director and writer Nasir Khan. Aamir wanted to keep his brother with himself as his dad was financially incapable to keep him.But his dad wanted to keep Faisal with him and Faisal too wanted to stay with his father.

The medical report said that Faisal indeed suffers from schizophrenia as his brother Aamir had claimed.But Aamir lost the custody to his father as court decided to stick to Faisal’s statement, who wanted to stay with his father.The 47 year old actor (Aamir) had kept his promise he made to his mother Zeenat Hussain by taking her to the holy land of Mecca.Even though he was busy working on his then forthcoming releases with co – stars Katrina Kaif and Abhishek Bachchan.

Aamir and his father both filed separate court applications seeking Faisal’s custody.The court admitted both the applications and waited for medical report from JJ hospital on Faisal’s mental health.



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