Who is ann heche dating

You know, there is no question of what he was doing at that time. [on choosing a name for her son] I said to James (James Tupper), 'What about Atlas? He's like, 'Okay, cool name, but people will totally make fun of you.' I was like, 'Okay, I'm used to that. It is no mistake that she still stands up against love.

[on her father having AIDS] He was in complete denial until the day he died. And one wonders why I'm not rushing to have her meet my children.

By the spring of 2000 her relationship with De Generes was in ruins and so was her career.

On 19 August 2000, the day after ending her three-year affair with De Generes, a dazed and scantily clad Heche knocked on the door of a stranger’s home in Fresno, California.

I think people are still surprised when girls talk as raw as they do on film as they do in life. When girls speak the truth and talk honestly about sex or romance or their needs or their obsessions, it seems to be translated as raunchy.



Heche, who lives an openly gay life with Ellen De Generes, was insulted by the question, cut short the interview and left with the tape. [on her memoir, "Call Me Crazy"] I wrote this book to say goodbye, once and for all to my story of shame and embrace my life choice of love.

8/19/00: A scantily clad and disoriented Heche was picked up by police at a ranch house in Cantua Creek, Calif., after telling the home's occupant she was looking for a spaceship that was supposed to be meeting her there. I told my mother at about the seventh year of therapy that I had been abused sexually by my father and she hung up the phone on me. I spoke a different language that God and I spoke together. I was raised to always tell everybody that everything was fine, and even though I was in therapy for years I never told anybody that I had another personality. The fact that there are people hearing my story is the icing on the most beautiful cake in the world, that I imagine says, 'Happy freedom Anne.



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