Who is antonio banderas dating Sandy dockstader dating

The mystery date of Antonio Banderas at a club in Saint Tropez has finally been revealed.The 54-year-old Spanish actor is dating Dutch investment consultant Nicole Kempel, also known as the leggy blonde he went home with after dancing at the L’Opera restaurant on August 16.They wanted to wait till the timing was right to announce their divorce.It's not a rash decision,” a source told Mail Online.Banderas was also spotted with Kempel at various events during the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Sources told the magazine, “Nicole has in no way fuelled or been the cause of the split between the actor and Melanie Griffith.” Kempel and Banderas reportedly met after the separation.Banderas and Griffith called it quits recently after 19 years of marriage, with Griffith filing for divorce on June 6.



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