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If I like you, I'll confront you and be open about it.

It's fine if the recurring minor characters like the Doyle sisters have accents but not the main characters.

I'm just really glad the main female characters don't have accents - if that were the case the show would be completely unwatchable.

The problems with the show is that most of the lines are cheesy and unfunny, and Ben and Mo's heavy Boston accents are so unnecessary and obviously fake.

Just because it takes place in Boston it doesn't mean the main characters need accents.

I also don't find the main characters very likable, but they're not completely intolerable either.

Ben, Mo, and Joy are annoyingly over the top and too cartoonish; and Danni, AJ, and Buzzy are kind of bland.

Charmaine is the most likable character in my opinion.She even tweeted a photograph from the set of the drama, showing herself sitting behind Hunnam, who wore his Sons of Anarchy trademark leather waistcoat along with jeans and black gloves for his role as rebel Jax Teller.I think it's an overall fun show to watch, but I can see why it's getting a lot of hate - it feels like just another typical unfunny multi-camera sitcom that doesn't stand out and won't go past season 1.I think the premise itself is original and interesting - a group of former high school classmates who work together in a barbershop because they couldn't pursue their intended careers (which is also relatable) and that they were hired by another guy they went to high school with who bought the barbershop from an older man (George Wendt) who now just works there with people young enough to be his children.

Another problem with the show is that sometimes it tries too hard to be funny and I have a feeling most of the story lines will be predictable and full of clichés.I think this show has potential and it can improve if they come up with more clever jokes without trying too hard, more original story lines that develop and end properly without leaving any major plot holes, and get rid of the guys' Boston accents, or at least make them more subtle.



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