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Ricciardi and Demos spent a decade documenting the case.


It also raises the prospect of a foot race among producers to develop a narrative take on Avery’s story.

A Netflix rep said Sunday that at present there are no plans for the streaming service to feature any updates or additional material on Avery’s saga.

Outrage stirred since the docu series bowed on Dec.

Today (March 9) marks 19 years since The Notorious B. G.'s untimely death, but the celebrated MC continues to live on through his music. As we remember his sad passing, Billboard is celebrating his life's work by counting down Biggie's top 15 singles based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. "Stop the Gunfight" is one of two songs on the similarly titled album that features both rappers. Unfortunately, due to the negative criticism surrounding gangsta rap that followed through their feud, the collaboration was shelved until a year later.


Review:‘Making a Murderer’ The response to “Making a Murderer” recalls the reaction to HBO’s “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst,” a docuseries on a suspected murderer that aired last February and March.The details exposed in that series contributed to Durst’s arrest in March for the 2000 murder of his friend Susan Berman, a case long considered cold by Los Angeles police.



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    Charles Joseph Whitman (June 24, 1941 – August 1, 1966) was an American engineering student at the University of Texas and mass murderer who shot 49 people on August 1, 1966, before being killed by the police.

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    One Turkish footballer, Gökhan Gönül of Fenerbahçe, was named in the team.

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