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A crowd of more than 6,000 instructors will mark its 10th anniversary at a sold-out convention this weekend in Orlando, Fla.

A few teachers have even given it a Jewish twist, infusing Israeli music, Yiddish humor and their background in folk dancing to guide participants through the moves.

Although Zumba seems to be a relatively recent fad in the Northeast, it’s been around in other parts of the country for years.

As the creator of the incredibly popular Yoga Tune Up® program and self-massage tools, Jill Miller is an expert in the movement of the human body.

24Life recently talked to Miller about her mindset routine, favorite exercises and life.

Since there’s nothing inherently Jewish about Zumba, I hadn’t considered it newsworthy for the Jewish Exponent until a fellow instructor began ticking off names of members of the tribe among our ranks.

Her point was confirmed a few months later when I posted a query for Jewish instructors on our Philly Zumba Instructor Network Facebook group.



But there’s also no denying how much this fitness frenzy has reached into our local Jewish community.Aside from Jews who have made Zumba part of their weekly routine, at least six area synagogues have added classes to their lineup of community programs.If you haven’t heard about Zumba yet, Goldberg and more than 500 other certified instructors located within 25 miles of Philadelphia’s Center City will clamor to tell you how the Latin-inspired dance fitness phenomenon can not only get you in shape but truly change your life.As Goldberg put it, “You never know where it will take you.” Sound a little cultish? I can say that because I, too, fell prey to the Zumba addiction and have been teaching it since February 2010.

Fifteen people responded, generating a string of more than 40 comments that included lots of “oys” and a suggestion to form a Jewish burlesque group.

Short of these anecdotes, there’s no data to indicate whether Jews comprise an unusually high share of Zumba enthusiasts.



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