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With the high emphasis on teenage angst and metaphorical nature of the episodes, Buffy's inevitable love interest came in the form of Angel, who frequently turns up with cryptic warnings for Buffy.

However, the relationship becomes complicated when the truth about Angel's past is uncovered.

She also meets social outcasts Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg, her two best friends for the remainder of the series, and snobby cheerleader Cordelia Chase.

They soon realize that Sunnydale High is located on a Hellmouth, a portal to demon dimensions, which attracts supernatural phenomena to the area.

The overarching plot concerned The Master's attempts to reach the surface.

The first season begins several months after the events of the movie, with Buffy Summers arriving in Sunnydale with her mother, Joyce.


Angel is a vampire with a soul that was restored by gypsies many years prior to the series beginning.

The emphasis on Angel's inability to become close to Buffy is explored to a greater extent in Season 2.



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