Who is dario franchitti dating

On March 15, the University of Kentucky alum and avid basketball fan faced a flood of harassment after tweeting that the Arkansas Razorback team was "playing dirty." Confronted with misogynistic tweets calling her a "whore" and a "c-t" and threatening sexual violence, Judd, who lives in Tennessee and is estranged from husband Dario Franchitti, now plans to press charges.

"Online harassers use the slightest excuse (or no excuse at all) to dismember our personhood," she added in the essay.

"I am handing it back over to those of you who are unafraid to speak out against abuse….

We have much to discuss and much action to take."Suki Waterhouse & Bradley Cooper: Suki Waterhouse and Bradley Cooper were facing miles of problems. "It's about feeling happy."Stranger Than Fiction! BGiving new meaning to "natural birth," moms-to-be deliver babies outdoors, without drugs ­­- and miles from any hospital.

It has argan oil in it, so it hydrates my eyelashes.""I bring my Chihuahua, Larry, with me everywhere. After three months of playing coy, Ryan Reynolds finally went public with the moniker he and wife Blake Lively, 27, chose for their daughter.



"He's filming, and she's always traveling," says a source of the British model turned actress, 23, and the actor, 40, who split after two years of dating. Walk of Shame Shuttle Partiers get a ride home the morning after.

"Hanging out every few weeks just wasn't enough." But there is one silver lining: more time with the guys. Amelia Freer "transformed my relationship with food," he posted March 17, holding her low-sugar, high-protein diet book, Eat. Whoever shares the most debauched story wins the title of "Trainwreck of the Week."I Pity The Tool No more jibber-jabber: In this renovation­themed series, Mr.



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