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Abraham wanted to kill a Walker, but Sasha said he was “smarter than that.” And they didn’t “need to leave breadcrumbs.” So they went in a building with “Dixon” written on the door. Or could another character like Rick, Carol, Michonne or Glenn be in danger, instead? It was so tense and suspenseful and Abraham struggled to get it off the Walker’s back. But he realized it was too hard and dangerous and left it alone. Instead, they betrayed him and stole his crossbow and his bike! The group hunted them down, but Daryl helped his captors escape. Predictions were swirling that we’d meet The Saviors during “Always Accountable.” So is that who Daryl’s captors were running from? Daryl, Abraham and Sasha drove away in their van and Daryl tried to reach out to Rick or anyone on the radio. The men said that they knew the rules, but they said they weren’t going back. “We thought you were one of them,” the man told Daryl. Are Michael Rooker and Tyler James Williams in Georgia to bid farewell to cast member Norman Reedus? He befriended those people who captured him and even tried to bring them into the safety of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.


One of the men who was hunting them got bitten by a Walker thanks to Daryl and they watched as another man cut his arm off. And now new spoilers about the possible returns of Merle and Noah have TWD fans worried Daryl could die in Season 6. But he really seemed to pull himself together during “Always Accountable.” He also told Sasha that he wanted to get to know her better. And what does this mean for his relationship with Rosita? Daryl Dixon's Walking Dead death has long been rumored.



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    We talked and met for Dinner at Cocos in Dayton, Ohio.

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