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You know, it’s a disease that has no treatments, no cure, so once you get it, that’s it.We spoke with the actress about her fundraising efforts, Rogen’s support, and what the disease has taught her about her own health.What was your experience with Alzheimer’s before your mother’s diagnosis?RELATED: 9 Must-Know Facts About Breast Cancer Seth mentioned in his speech that people often feel alone when family members are diagnosed. Seth and I started dating nine years ago, which was when I finally acknowledged that something wasn’t right.Luckily for me, he’s been unbelievably supportive, and he's always been there to listen. Aside from Seth’s help, how did you find comfort in feeling lonely?

LM: The more I shared my story, the more people shared their stories with me.It was nice to connect with people through support groups.When I was in my early twenties, my mom started repeating things, asking the same questions, telling the same stories.It was like, “Oh, god, this is not right.” When I was 25, my brother and I finally told our dad we had to take her to the doctor. I remember noticing that something wasn’t right at my college graduation, and I didn’t say anything to anyone at all.


Lauren Miller (For a Good Time Call...) was just 22 when she noticed her mother repeating things.

Three years later, her mother was officially diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s.



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