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Is it because they spend a lot of hours together or some sort of chemistry automatically appears when a singer is with her manager?

You can argue that it is normal for a manager to be dating his female client maybe due to the fact that they tend to bond after spending so many hours together but here is the problem with that type of thinking- why doesn't this apply to female celebrities with female managers?

A female celeb with a female manager is cool but when a man gets in the picture he must be the dominus of her heart.

Can't a woman and man have a simple business transaction without the old relationship story forcefully inserted into the script? Haven't we sniffed around to find a romantic relationship with pop star Wizkid and his overseas manager Jada?


At the organizer's office I remembered that one of the comedians billed for the show insinuated that me and the female act were sleeping together.This is a common thought in this business sadly buttressed by just a few female acts who are married to the managers or dating them.Why didn't anyone ask rapper Kel if she was dating her former manager Osagie when they were working together?Why does the narrative of the female celeb having an affair with her manager exclude female celebrities with female managers? I think the answer is this- a patriarchal system of beliefs that a successful woman must have a man not only pulling strings but calling the shots in the bedroom as well.


Strangely, the low number of female celebrities who are romantically attached to the overseers of their careers- past or present- doesn't still provide enough evidence to think that every female celebrity is in between the sheets with her manager.Why must something go down between a woman who is popular and her manager?



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