Who is david beckham dating


His every appearance, or Instagram post, seems to make its own public wave.If he holds his daughter Harper’s hand a new way, it’s headlines in Japan.It sets you up to be strong no matter what.” Meanwhile, the calm he once felt on the pitch has been replaced by the calm he feels at home with his children.And people seem intrigued by this new dimensionality.He and his family now get the kind of daily media coverage usually reserved for the stock market, or Britain’s royal family. He’s a billboard and an icon, in the imagistic sense, who, with time and a few rugged wrinkles at 40, has begun to accumulate 3-D substance.That is, beyond the game (and face) that made him famous, as he’s entered fully into fatherhood and the next phase, we’ve begun to see more of the man behind the fabulation, the real flesh and blood behind the media-confected Becks.

because I believe him, even though he lives in a stratum of fame only conceivable by a couple of dozen people on the planet, one being his wife, Victoria.(And, oh, it’s the kind of fame where, among your properties and holdings, you own a house on a palm-tree-shaped island in Dubai.) because I’ve reviewed the You Tube highlights, and he does. And it’s a foot on which an empire was built, a foot that, besides the one in Dubai, is responsible for other mansions in Madrid, Los Angeles, London, etc.



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    I don’t even want to address the video itself further, but rather one element of the response to it.

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