Who is edward norton currently dating

In interviews up till a few years ago, she came across as - unstable and attention-grabbing, sure - but also highly intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable about literature and rock history, and very funny.Since then, too much drugs and plastic surgery and bad living have badly affected her judgement and musical talent, not to mention her looks. In other words, she showed promise, but she blew it. By being a skank ass, plastic surgery addicted, narcissistic junkie ho.America's Sweetheart was a poor, misjudged solo effort, but early word on her next album is strong (once she doesn't ruin it with Liz Phair cornball production). But this makes her "a goddess."Yeah, you can worship whatever you want, what with freedom of religion and all.But meanwhile, I'll laugh at your fundamentalist bullshit just the same as if you were a deluded mormon sister-wife.Anyways, she said that she got pregnant with Ed's child but had an abortion and dumped him for that married rock exec (and she ruined his career like she ruined Ed's career). Hole was an excellent band and Pretty on the Inside, Live Through This and Celebrity Skin were all great rock albums.Why has everyone selectively forgotten that Live Through This was voted best album of 1994 by virtually every major music publication - Rolling Stone, SPIN, Village Voice, New York Times, LA Times, etc? Larry Flynt (as a drug ho, yeah yeah) won well-earned New York Film Critics award and Golden Globe nom?

She said he gave her a thirty thousand dollar ring "when he had forty thousand dollars to his name! In the revealing documentary "Kurt and Courtney" the director of the movie talks briefly with Courtney's father.I remember the good press she got when she showed up at the 97 oscars, looking sensational." In the liner notes to one of her wretched CDs, she gushed about him and declared him to be the great love of her her life (not Kurt Cobain) and thanked him "for letting me love you." She said he was "more of a father to Frances than Kurt ever was! He asked her father if he'd spoken to Courtney recently; her father said no, but her mother had.He said "she said she's getting married." The director said "Really? " Her father said "Edward Norton."In the memoir "Her Mother's Daughter" Courtney's mother mentions Edward Norton.

She claims that he "made a projectout of her." I guess he tried to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. He wrote a rather shrill letter to the New Yorker defending Courtney after the magazine printed an unflattering article about her.He called the people in the "Kurt and Courtney" documentary who dissed her "bitter left-behinds and desperate attention-seekers" and proclaimed her a complex, evolving and healthy human being". He's currently dating a schlock comedy movie producer with the porno star name of Shauna Robertson, a skinny, nodescript blonde. I used to read all the crazy shit that Courtney wrote on her website (BTW, she's now on Twitter, so predictable). Courtney Love is a goddess and you queens are unworthy.



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    Animal rights activists have attacked her for promoting fur, while other critics have charged her with using the magazine to promote elitist views of femininity and beauty. The late-18th-century novelist Lady Elizabeth Foster, Duchess of Devonshire, was Wintour's great-great-great-grandmother, and Sir Augustus Vere Foster, the last Baronet of that name, was a granduncle.

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    Six months after the trauma of the Newport earthquake, Ryan and the rest of the Cohens struggle with their living arrangements in the aftermath of the destruction of their house. Julie and Caleb marry, and Marissa moves into their new mansion.

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    When he appears, she discovers that he is a man in his 40s.

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