Who is george hamilton dating

George Hamilton had co-starred with Lisa Rinna in the romantic TV drama (2006) in the show’s second season, and gained new fans from younger and older generations alike.

The currently single 76-year-old was trav­eling in St.

Moritz, and unavailable for comment, but William Stadiem, co-author of the star's memoir, says the "thing to remember about George is he's the best-connected actor in the history of the film business.

Imagine if Malia Obama were to show up at this year's Academy Awards with Jaden Smith on her arm.

Some­thing not unlike that unfolded a half a century ago, except with President Lyndon B.

reported that Johnson was "the unofficial star of the evening." It turned out to be a brilliant publicity move for Hamilton, who became the focus of enough worldwide media attention to make a Kardashian weep with jealousy.



Johnson's 22-year-old daughter and a B-level star even then famous mostly for his tan.Somehow George Hamilton, 26 at the time, had begun dating Lynda Bird Johnson — whom he'd met at a dinner party given by Henry Ford II's daughter Charlotte — and invited her to the 1966 Oscars.



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