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)" Nowdays, being tagged as a drug user can cost a person's life.Karen Bordador's ex-boyfriend Chris Tan decried misinformation when he was mistakenly identified as Bordador's current boyfriend Emilio Lim, who was arrested in a buy bust operation involving PHP3M worth of illegal drugs last Saturday.47-year-old Tan emphasized that it's frustrating for him to get dragged in this issue because he's a very private person.It maybe recalled that Tan and Bordador were contestants in ABS-CBN's 2014 reality show for couples "I Do." Tan and Bordador broke up in Jan 2015, and he only talked to Bordador once or twice after the break up to clarify things.“There were several pseudo news sites that decided to name me and assume that I was a drug dealer,” said the businessman in a report by the Inquirer.“It’s pretty bad because it’s a matter of drug dealing and right now with the extrajudicial killings happening, I’m scared that somebody might claim I’m the drug dealer, you know the lynch mob mentality, I might be walking and then suddenly people might mob me and do something to me,” he added.Posted by admin on Sep 29, 2016 Philippines Senator Mirriam Defensor Santiago died peacefully in her sleep at AM on September 29, 2016 while confined at St. However, just recently, Angelina Jolie bravely filed a divorce for her husband of two years Brad Pitt.


“Personally, I’ve never met Emilio although I know he started dating Karen 3 to 4 months after we broke up,” he added.

Tan plans to file a case against the moderators of the news sites, who has already taken down the erroneous articles.



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