Who is hermione granger dating gaydating


Watson and Harry might just be the best celebrity pairing since, well, ever.

Sure, it's just a rumor, and yeah, there's a big chance the extremely private Watson would never go for someone so famous, but still: can you imagine?!

I'm choosing to believe that her silence on the matter is confirmation that the romance is underway.


If you thought you were in for a slow Friday morning, think again: according to reports, Emma Watson might be dating Prince Harry.Let me repeat that: Emma Watson, feminist goddess of Harry Potter and "He For She" fame, is rumored to be dating the most eligible bachelor/best looking ginger in the world, Prince Harry. Then, when it's all sunk in, start screaming, because it's the only proper response to such world-shattering news.



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    What I find troublesome is when Bible translators choose to transliterate a term in some passages but not in others.

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    It’s probably worth mentioning I was thirteen at the time and wildly unpopular at school (given what I just shared, I can’t imagine why).

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