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In addition to currently being on the Magcon tour alongside hotties Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carpenter and Taylor Caniff every night, the 13-year-old landed in hot water recently when he allegedly harassed a fan to send him nudes and then claimed that it wasn’t him.

If that wasn’t enough attention for the “Sweatshirt” singer, just the other a day a fan asked to take a photo with him and then hit him… With so many things happening in his life, Jacob has been able to see who is true fans are and how willing they are to support and stand up for him.

His supporters are quick to comment all over his social media saying that they’ll always be there to lend a helping hand… And let’s just say — Jacob seems to be willing to accept the offers.

Social media star who has earned over 6 million followers on Instagram and more than 11 million fans on through his lip sync videos of popular songs. On his 14th birthday he released his third single "All My Friends".

We know you were probably hoping that Tronnor would rise again, but it really looks like you’re going to have to start getting used to Tracob… A then-11-year-old Zoella played an uncredited part of a Hufflepuff student who sat behind Ron Weasley in Potions class.The scene got deleted from the final version of the movie, but could be viewed in the DVD bonus features. The beauty guru uploaded an entire video onto her Ugly Face Of Beauty You Tube channel dedicated to her time as an extra in the movies.But even though one of the Australian’s friends said the You Tube ‘couple’ was “cute af,” no one ever actually confirmed that the pair was dating… We hate to be the bearers of bad news, Connor-Troye shippers, but it looks like Tronnor is officially no more, and the “Youth” singer has moved on to someone else.Fans have noticed that the 21-year-old has been hanging out with model Jacob Bixenman for the past couple weeks, but it seems that they’ve recently taken their relationship to a new level — romance.

"So, those of you who didn't know, I was lucky enough to be picked to be in 4 Chrissy Chambers is known by millions as one half of the super-popular LGBTQ You Tube channel Briaand Chrissy, but we'll bet most people don't know that she actually appeared in two HUGE big-screen films. so the 25 year old may not have been credited in either If you've ever watched an impressions video on You Tube, you've most likely come across actress Amy Walker, who went viral with her "21 Accents" vid back in 2008.It’s safe to say that everyone knows who Jacob Sartorius is right now.



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