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Recently, Kay Slay was the man behind connecting two NYC rivals on his hit single, "Free Again", featuring Fat Joe and 50 Cent.

The film was broadcast on the USA network on 18 January 2000 and was followed with a special entitled Letourneau: Live, which featured interviews with Letourneau and others involved with the scenario.

[laughs] / Pardon me I had to laugh at that” and “Kay keep tellin’ me to speak about Rucker / Matter of fact, I don’t wanna speak about the Rucker” serving as more than stand-out quotables from huge songs, but as cryptic references to the basketball-bred beef that the two had shared. Peep the photos taken from the night above and below.

DJ Kay Slay’s undeniable hustle and grind has no doubt been the largest contributing factor to his success outside of his keen ability to rock a crowd.

He rose through the ranks by refereeing the biggest MC battles on his Streetsweeper mixtapes.

Charleston Daily Mail praised the film, writing "More than just a tawdry detour into the Jerry Springer/Ricki Lake cesspool of shock value, this film presents a sympathetic look at a confused woman who still contends that Vili is her destined soulmate, the love of her life." The Los Angeles Daily News was more mixed in their review, praising the filmmakers for putting " a little care and thought into their production" and that it did not "waste one's time or aggressively insult one's intelligence" while also stating that the film was "ultimately unsatisfying" and did not "provide much insight into the case".

Variety panned the film overall, writing that "USA Network's "The Mary Kay Letourneau Story: All-American Girl" wastes a good opportunity to shed light on some really screwed up people.

Tour is currently storming across the country, making a trip through the west coast with a three show stop in California.

At the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Bradley Cooper, Kobe Bryant, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Kerry Washington, Kelly Rowland, Russell Simmons, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Tyga, Demi Lovato and Jamie Foxx were all in attendance, but so too were Jay Z and Fat Joe, who posed for a few Instagram flicks alongside Remy Ma and Yo Gotti.

While Hov has been spotted at numerous stops, it’s his apparent truce with Joe that’s got the web talking, with Joe writing “NY Giants: Crack – Hov.” While there isn’t anything official in the hip-hop record books, Jay and Joe have been trading subs for years now with lines like “The pressure’s on, but guess who ain’t gon’ crack?

Known as the Drama King, Kay Slay grew up in Harlem making a name for himself as a DJ.

He signed his first deal with Violator records with the late Chris Lighty, and released his first two albums, , featuring DJ Greg Street.

Kay Slay was also the A&R of Ray J's Album, "All I Feel," featuring hit song "Sexy Can I.” In 2005 he signed one the most lyrical artists in hip hop, Papoose.Because of this ear for talent, Slay has also received recognition from other big name hip hop DJs, winning several “Justo’s Mixtape Awards”. The magazine hits newsstands quarterly and features interviews with the top Hip Hop artists and the sexiest models in the game.



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