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Chasez managed to block the parasol from hitting the youngster as she sat with her family on the sand.

The mother of the child, Italian jeweler Netali Nissim, described the incident exclusively to E!

Justin Timberlake isn't the only former 'N Sync member making headlines. judge quickly stepped into action when a helicopter hovering too low to the ground sent a large sun umbrella flying toward a 1-year-old girl named Shirel.

may have gotten engaged to Jessica Biel, his onetime fellow boy bander JC Chasez is also getting a bit of attention—for saving a kid's life!


As we previously reported, Joey spent his weekend in L.

We talked about New Year's Eve," recalled Nissim, adding with a laugh: "I didn't even know who he was until after.

Right after he blocked it, the umbrella covered them both, so I was worried.

When I realized he had protected her, I was so thankful."After everyone had calmed down over the close call, Nissim said her family spent the rest of the sunny day with JC and his girlfriend."They were very sweet.

News."My family came from Italy and we were all sitting on the beach," recalled Nissim.

She said her daughter proceeded to say hi to Chasez and his girlfriend and Nissim's family and the couple began chatting."I'm from Italy, so I didn't know who this guy was," Nissim pointed out. He and his girlfriend were so nice."As everyone continued to sunbathe, Nissim said her daughter was following birds and pointing at planes when suddenly a helicopter passed very closely to the shore."It was a black helicopter," she said.



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