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Jesse would rob the train and make his escape up Blacksnake creek – to the east side of Wyeth Hill.

Jesse’s gang had dug caves in the thick clay soil – and hid their gold in the caves.

All of us realized the seriousness of our adventure. In the past eleven thousand years about five feet of black dirt has accumulated from the constantly recycling forest. The present geography is probably not much different than when Jesse rode this trail.

Wyeth Hill runs along the top of the Missouri River Bluffs in northwest St. The steep hills rise a couple of hundred feet above Mac Arthur Drive and the railroad tracks which follow the river bottom. He is buried in Kearney, Missouri, where his family farmed before the Civil War.

The views are spectacular – and the stories of Jesse James come to life on Wyeth Hill – and particularly the stories of hidden treasure. Jesse was killed as an outlaw – a man who fought with the Confederacy and never returned to honest labor. In spite of the folklore equating Jesse with a Robin Hood figure, the reality is that Jesse James was a ruthless criminal.



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