Who is julia sawalha dating

And it occurs to me, as I admire her voluminous fringe, that if Sawalha tried any harder not to look like Saffy she would probably be sitting here in a pair of sunglasses with a baseball cap pulled down over her face.She doesn’t talk about it at all and she looks fit and gorgeous and bouncy and healthy, and exactly the same as she did the last time we filmed an episode eight years ago.” In Ab Fab, Sawalha plays Saffy Monsoon, the dowdy intellectual embarrassed by the behaviour of her mother, Edina.



“It’s our purpose on Earth, to constantly want to evolve and expand.

It’s a really good philosophy to use with ex-boyfriends – because instead of resenting them, you are grateful for them helping you to manifest what you do want. I think that would be a bit irritating.” Sawalha, who has dated Alan Davies (her co-star in Jonathan Creek) and Keith Allen (her co-star in Martin Chuzzlewit), is currently single. His name was Rich Annetts and she met him at Glastonbury; he lived on a barge in Bath and was described as a “water gipsy”. Sawalha says she wasn’t happy about being single for “a while – you know, you do go through times where you feel a bit sorry for yourself ”, but it doesn’t bother her so much now. Just someone who is in alignment with themselves and happy.” While I didn’t think Sawalha would be pure Saffy, I didn’t expect her to be quite this different, so different that the photographer and I failed even to recognise her at first.



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