Who is kat von d dating july 2016

-100% VEGAN -Limited edition Tell us your favorite shade in the comments below!

Since it was first released on Tuesday, availability has been bouncing back and fourth between the Kat Von D Beauty and Sephora websites.

On Monday, eyeliner maven and tattoo queen Kat Von D publicly denounced fellow makeup mogul, Jeffree Star.

She posted a video explaining why she decided to "disassociate" herself from her former friend and Jeffree clapped back with a cryptic tweet, promising that "the truth will come out later".

When it sells out on one site, the other restocks, then that site sells out, and the process begins again.

After months of teasing us with snapshots of the not-yet-released Serpentina palette, Kat Von D Beauty finally has granted mercy upon our souls, giving us a sneak peek of the kit.They posted a few previews on Snapchat (katvondbeauty) and obviously the entire internet went into an all-out tailspin.



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