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His girlfriend had gotten the restraining order when Conrad became crazy for her, calling her the love of his life and threatening his life when they were dating a few years back.He also went to her parents in tears mentioning his desire to marry Hunter.He kept rambling foul words like, but he could have faced up to 6 months in prison, a year of supervised release and 5000 dollars fine for his 10-hour long nuisance.Conrad Hilton and his violent outbreak caused a lot of buzz in the media. It hasn’t even been that long when Conrad Hilton got the taste of jail that he has been arrested again on 2015, this time for trespassing and violating a restraining order against him from his ex-girlfriend, Hunter Daily Salomon. Her father is none other than Rick Salomon, a gambler famous for his relationship with celebrities one of which was with none other than Conrad's sister, Paris Hilton.He had stated how she should do something because he can’t help come after her.So, the court had provided a temporary restraining order to Hunter against Conrad. Conrad Hilton dating history is a mystery as there is not much information about his dating but he has been known to have dated 19-year-old Hunter Daily Salomo, on this ground we can say that he is not gay. If you think you recall the name Solomon from somewhere, you are right.


Paris Hilton is a good example who makes the headlines negatively more than positively. Learn about how his relationship with Hunter ended in hi arrest below.

This time, however, it is not her from the reputed Hilton Family who has made the news it’s her brother, Conrad Hilton. The twitter post below states his arrest because of his girlfriend.

He was later bailed without a plea for 100,000 dollars. Caption: Conrad Hughes Hilton with his parents He was arrested only a week after his hearing of a previous incident.

As some may recall his little psychotic break in his British Airway Flight on July 31, 2014, that got him arrested.

He had continuously disrupted flight regulations as well as disturbed other passengers by swearing and threatening the crew and other passengers.There was also the smell of cannabis in the flight bathroom that many passengers suspected to be because of Conrad.



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