Who is lindsay yenter dating


He gave her an amazing rock provided by his good friend Neil Lane (“Hey! ”), and they rode off together on an elephant into the Thailand sunset.

I hate to admit what I’m about to say because I consider myself a realist.

And he’s been praying for Sean’s wife all these years? They’re the first couple to even acknowledge that God is involved, that he leads us. I mean, if you’ve been watching on the History Channel, you realize lots of Bible folks didn’t wear their shirts either. And though I didn’t see Catherine talk too much on air about faith, I can only assume that Sean wouldn’t pick a gal who didn’t exhibit strong faith in God, to mirror his own.

Admittedly, I wish they talked about it more, though I’m hoping those conversations simply fell to the ABC editing room floor at the hands of ratings-crazed producers. There’s only so much I can gather from a few really long episodes of a reality show.

Because let’s get real — hardly provides a realistic environment for dating.

As my friend and I had to remind ourselves when things got heated during our viewing party last night, we don’t actually speak to is how relationships work in the real world — far, far away from reality TV.

Here’s my question for you today: Is it possible to truly know someone if you get to know them in a bubble?



Tags Bachelor Sean, bubble, Catherine Guidici, Chris Harrison, date, dating, faith, God, healthy dating, Lindsay Yenter, love, reality television, reality TV, relationships, Sean and Catherine, Sean Lowe, single, singlehood, singles, The Bachelor, Tierra .Last night’s finale ended in the most dramatic rose ceremony in the history of Chris Harrison’s 17-season career as a terribly unsuccessful matchmaker. Sean said sayonara to Lindsay and her Minnie Mouse voice last night.



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