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Just a warning: some find season 5 to be Psych’s slump year, but seasons 6-8 go back to being amazing, so stick with it if you’re one of the ones not feeling S5.Anonymous asked: So I started watching Psych last week today and I'm on season four now and I think I have a problem.I read all shit posts in lassie's voice :-//This is amazing.Miller will pen the script and exec produce alongside John Hamburg, the latter of whom will direct the Warner Bros. Anonymous asked: Regarding the James and Julianna Guill question: Julianna is married to writer Ben Mc Millan since last year, James was at their wedding.I think the rumors about him dating Mandy Moore were true (somebody found pics I think) so it makes me think this might be No idea.

Roday will topline the comedy as Joel, a dedicated middle-school guidance counselor who thinks his marriage to Lindsay -- a jet-setting executive -- is a happy one.

But when they disagree about whether the time is right to start a family, the begin the painful, funny, embarrassing and ultimately rewarding road of couples counseling.

He also wrote the script to the "Quest For Truth: Dunkleman" pilot with Ben - i.e.: they're all friends.

As is the case with him and Mandy Moore btw, who has been dating Taylor Goldsmith for over a year now. Wasn’t sure who Julianna was and wasn’t in the mood to even google it.

haha Anonymous asked: Are James and Julianna Guill dating?There have been rumors and stuff and they're obviously close but I can't tell if there's anything romantic there.



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