Who is morgan man dating how to be dating coach


You see beauty as a commodity that women can trade for cash at the poker table, except women aren't even players; they are the chips men use to play their own game.And even when men buy a women's beauty, women still pay for it.The fact is, my income might increase from year to year, but you can't be prettier year after year." I ask you to define beauty. Or does beauty come with the confidence built over years of experience, with the strength that surfaces in times of hardship, with the self-awareness found through exploration and life lessons?I believe that women grow more beautiful year after year, not less.You begin by replying that, like a business deal, Ms.Pretty provides beauty and expects a man to pay for it.Unfortunately, society teaches young women a different story, and you must know this.

Pretty" is trying to exchange beauty for (a wealthy) marriage.

While I agree with your advice that the young woman should spend more time focusing on how to make her own wealth rather than how to marry into it, your argument presents a flaw.



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