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But overall, Thailand still ranks as one of the cheapest places to live in SE Asia.

Overall, I still find it cheaper than Laos, Malaysia and Cambodia.

The campaign, created by a German advertising agency to promote Nivea sunscreen, shows a team of engineers creating a seagull drone which 'hunts' for children at risk of burning on the beach - before targeting them with sun protection.

Speaking at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Sir John Hegarty - one of the world's leading advertising experts known for his work with Levi's jeans, Audi, and Saatchi and Saatchi - labelled the campaign the 'most stupid thing he has ever seen'.


I did some pre-research on two cost of living sites, but I found them to be pretty off the mark, particularly when it came to housing.

That said, one took the average across the whole of Thailand, which again isn’t that useful.

So I decided to gander around the shops and compile my own list based on the Bangkok cost of living.

Note that if you’re thinking of living in other cities like Chiang Mai or Khon Kaen, the cost of housing is likely to be a lot lower.

It was quickly followed with a third single, the hit "Laundromat", featuring R. The final single, "25 Reasons" was only released to radio and received minimial airplay.The lead single was a huge hit in Australia, certifiying Gold and peaking at #14.



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