Who is noah cyrus dating

We wouldn’t put it past Miley Cyrus, 22, to get married to Patrick Schwarzenegger, 21.

They’re totally into each other and he seems to accept her for who she is. She’s madly attracted to him, but she didn’t tie the knot with him.

As we’ve previously reported, Maria is not a fan of her son dating the “Wrecking Ball” singer. Hell, she wasn’t even ready with Liam [Hemsworth] and they were together much longer.



But would she really elope without her family being present? “Miley is a free spirit, but she wouldn’t have and didn’t elope with Patrick. As crazy and wild as Miley is, she’s conservative when it comes to marriage and wants one that she’ll remember, not a shotgun wedding,” a source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.

Well, we know Patrick’s mom, Maria Shriver, will be pleased. “For Miley to get married, it would have to be right on every single level, and she’s not there with Patrick.



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    I’m sure she loves him as he loves her, but that 14 years of love and shared experiences is about to be flushed down the drain soon if she discovers he’s keeping so much from her, and ultimately ensnaring her in his dubious attempts to understandably get some payback from Han Tae Joon.

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