Who is pam dawber dating dating isex

And I`d look at her and think, `I have to tell her because maybe her life will be better than mine.` ``The conversation has turned to boyfriends, to the relationships Dawber experienced post-Weber but pre-Mark Harmon.``They were all the wrong relationships,`` Weber declared.Dawber agreed: ``I was so determined that she was wrong. ` And it killed me every time when she was right.`` Dawber`s voice dropped a few registers and took on Weber`s gravelly texture: `` `Darling,`she`d say.We`ve been together seven years; that`s a lot of time. Weber, who admits one of her worst experiences was being given a senior citizens` card, said, ``I made a lot of mistakes in my life.And then I found this young woman, who was totally from a different background, different part of the country, younger than I but with those same emotional hangups.A pal who had been bugging her to meet Harmon called again.Dawber had decided to take a vacation from dating and relationships but found herself agreeing to meet Harmon, after a 10-day``breathing period.``Fifteen minutes later he called, and she listened on her answering machine as he said, ``Hi, this is Mark Harmon. `` She ran to pick up the phone and shouted, ``Yes, yes!``Within 10 minutes she`d asked him out for dinner that night, and after that, ``we were never apart.

`I`ve been around a lot more years than you have, and I can see right through this guy.` ``But Harmon, declared ``Sexiest Man Alive`` by People magazine in 1986 and destined to become Dawber`s husband in 1987, was different.

And it didn`t take long for Weber to decide he was The One.``I always said that when it`s right, you know it.

And the minute I met him, I told Pam, `God sent him.` I really felt that way.

I cried.``Dawber met Harmon one day after she had broken off a longstanding relationship and sent the guy packing.


Start with a new TV series, add a highly publicized romance and a not-at- all-publicized secret wedding, toss in a highly publicized custody suit, throw in a surprise pregnancy, finish off the mix with a drastic change of time slot on the TV series, and it`s hard to figure how Pam Dawber has managed to stay relatively sane.

The how is probably a mix of Dawber`s own priorities, blessed by more than a little help from a guardian angel named Mimi Weber, a tender-tough gray-haired dynamo who`s accompanying Dawber on a publicity tour to drum up support for the new 7 p.m.



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