Who is richard branson dating


The Prince is expected to join up with Cressida again after spending the Christmas holiday with the Royal Family at ­Sandringham.Harry and Cressie have been dating for around 19 months in what is said to be a serious ­relationship.The fourth in line to the throne spent the weekend as a guest of the Bransons’ son Sam in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.He and Sam, 28, were spotted at a pub, The Bell at Hampton Poyle, on Sunday before returning to the Branson mansion.The Prince, an Apache helicopter pilot in the Army Air Corps, is expected to whisk the high society blonde dancer away for a few days if he gets a chance before returning to duty.He has spent a month away in South Africa and in Antarctica.Friends, however, have tried to play down suggestions that the couple are ready to announce their engagement.They insist they need to see how their relationship develops over the next few months.

Cressida, who graduated from a dance course earlier this year, has been thinking about changing to teaching – to allow a lower profile.

The couple were recently the subject of wedding rumours but last month her half-brother denied the pair were planning to tie the knot soon.

Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe said it was ­“ludicrous”.

Alexandra Chong, the CEO of dating app Lulu, got married over the weekend in Jamaica to her long-term boyfriend Jack Brockway.

It is understood they spent the weekend there with Cressida, 24, and her half sister, actress Isabella Calthorpe, 33, who is married to Sam.Harry, 29, stayed the night at the house, which Sir Richard gave to Sam and his sister Holly, 31, earlier this year after deciding to base himself on the Caribbean island of Necker – which he owns.



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