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Can you relive the experience of defeating a full-strength Serbia in front of enthusiastic home crowd in 2013? So we knew what to expect and we were ready for it.We knew we had to concentrate on our half of the court.The only thing that I think is unfair is when the crowd steps in between serves or are still shouting when players are serving.What do you think of Novak Djokovic's win this morning?We had a bet in the team on the score of the final and I had predicted that Novak would win in four sets.


The difficult part is since everyone is used to different things to calm down and relax. You can be sure that I am done dating tennis players. He won a few points with that throughout the US Open. given the technique, talent and skills, Federer is able to do it. I haven't seen him move that well for the last few years.

Your opinion on Roger Federer's new move — sneak attack (SABR). I believe he still has it in him and his biggest chance will be at Wimbledon.



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