Who is tavia yeung dating


He was with TVB for 10 years and hopes to find new opportunities somewhere else. KWOK's "CAVEMAN" LOOK in "DEAD WRONG" In "Dead Wrong," Roger Kwok plays a physician who gets abducted in Vietnam, and gets confined in a cave prison for ten years.She doesn't want to deal with a willful child and would rather enjoy freedom with husband, Ekin Cheng. Michelle Ye is refusing to pay wages to former housemaids, whom she claims to have stolen money from her home.Several maids are complaining, but they can't afford to file a lawsuit. NG is 4 MONTHS PREGNANT Considered one of Hong Kong's more promising young singers, Jinny Ng may be ready to risk it all!The 24-year-old announced a one-year hiatus (reportedly due to her 4-month pregnancy)! SUM ENDS TVB CONTRACT "Line Walker" and "Young Charioteers" star, Sammy Sum decided not to renew his TVB contract.YOYO MUNG DOESN' T WANT to BE a MOTHER Yoyo Mung doesn't want to have any kids!Yoyo had a very unhappy childhood since her parents were divorced.


YEUNG's EX-LOVER WANTS DAUGHTER BACK Shirley Yeung's ex-lover, Andy Ng, wants to their 4-year-old daughter back. KEEPER 2" FINALE BREAKS 35 POINTS The finale for "Brother's Keeper 2" pushed through 35 ratings points, making it the most-watched TVB finale over the last two years. Weddings] LYNN HUNG & KEN KWOK Aaron Kwok's ex-girlfriend, Lynn Hung, marries another Mr. The groom is Kenix Kwok's younger brother, Ken Kwok.But Linda is a happy mom and admits she won't have time to film dramas in the near future. GIGI LEUNG's 20-MONTH-OLD DAUGHTER Gigi Leung's daughter, Sofia, is now 20 months old!Gigi wants to have another baby to give Sofia a sibling. CHUNG BACK in HONG KONG Linda Chung made a brief appearance in Hong Kong, the first time since giving birth.


Regaining her figure, Linda admitted the baby's first month was hard since she barely slept. CHUN's SON is a CAPTAIN AMERICA FAN Wu Chun and his 3-year-old son, Max, enjoy being superheroes for the day!



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    On Saturday night they will throw a belated birthday party for Princess Eugenie, who celebrated her 25th birthday in March and who has another reason to celebrate: she is about to begin a new job in London working for the art gallery Hauser & Wirth, having been head-hunted from her previous job in New York, where she worked for the online auction house Paddle8.

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