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I had just gotten an agent, I had just started out and my agent called me up and said “We can submit you for this role for .” I’d already spoken to [showrunner] Carter [Covington] and the writers about how to write a trans character through GLAAD, and that was fantastic to already know them going into the audition.

He’s great, and I was so happy—because my mom said, “Oh, do you wanna go out on this?

AE: Can you tell me a little bit about you and how you came to be an actor? So I’ve been acting seriously primarily theater things since I was probably 10, but I finally at 19 have buckled down, because it is more a dream of line to work on television and work on film and do all that. EF: I, honestly—which is really unfortunate, there have not been many trans [men] characters.

Ever since I was a little kid, they’ve just sort of thrown me into the acting thing and I was the sibling to pick it up and do it. AE: Are there any trans men characters you looked up to or loved?


I pass as cis all the time, which is a blessing, in a way, but it’s also very weird for me because I do embrace my transness so much. The 19-year-old out trans actor and musician looks to be shaking things up for Shane (Michael Willett) when they meet as rival performers on an episode directed by out filmmaker/, the film [Silas Howard] made. I think the other guys auditioning for the part were trans, which is great. EF: I’m 19, I’m from Los Angeles—born and raised here. There was a trans character on , but, once again, played by a cis actor.I watched it and did a college project on it, and I mentioned that to him. But there’s definitely like a—Silas and I would stop talking about the character and just talk about, like, punk music. The Fosters—he’s a good friend of mine, Tom Phelan.I don’t know how much I can say about this—you may have to wait and see how we go about that.

AE: Tell me a little bit about what your character’s like. Noah is—he’s a 17-year-old guy who happens to be trans, that’s how I like to phrase it. He’s new at Hester, he’s a musician, he’s a singer/songwriter. He’s sort of—he’s a little mischevious in the beginning.He’s a bit of a charmer, but he’s definitely, I think he’s got a vulnerable side. AE: Because you can pass very easily, how much does the show feel the need to explain that Noah is trans, or what that means?



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