Who is tyler perry dating these days

So many people have dental issues and (need) glasses.

My mother is 81 and the things that are not covered for her are the things she needs.

Tyler Perry and his longtime girlfriend Gelila Bekele welcomed a baby boy named Aman Tyler Perry!

The 45-year-old actor and director and his 28-year-old girlfriend brought the baby into the world this past Sunday (November 30). Tyler is so excited,” a source told about the new addition. He sees this as an opportunity to make things right,” the source added, in reference to Tyler‘s own relationship with his dad.

FOX411: By the way, do you get some change for those calendars? I'm sure not nearly what is owed but that's a whole other story. Schneider: Well I guess, but what I think there's really something wrong when people who are not from here can get free health care for themselves and their children. Somebody that's working their ass off down the street and they live here, they pay taxes here, and they go broke because they don't have a dental plan.

We've got problems in this country that need to be addressed simply by taking care of the people who live here and work hard here. Now if you're an American citizen and you have bad teeth, by God we're going to fix them.

The two things that go, so of course they're not covered.

Congratulations to the happy couple on the wonderful news!

FOX411: So are you the only white guy on 'The Haves and the Have Nots? It's kind of like standing in an airplane and someone pushing out your parachute and then pushing you out and saying, 'Try to catch your parachute and good luck! For years I was always the nice guy, so in life I had to pretend to be the nice guy. There's no "Barney Miller" calendar, there's no "Mork and Mindy" calendar. FOX411: Could Catherine Bach's Daisy Dukes have been any shorter?

' John Schneider: (Laughs) No, there's my wife and my son and daughter. It's insane, "Dukes" took 10 months, "Smallville" took 10 months, "Dr. ' It's a tremendous challenge, intellectually because you've got 35 pages of dialogue to shoot in a day. Now when I get aggravated somewhere people don't hold it against me. I get to say incredibly hurtful things all week so I don't feel the need to do that at Home Depot anymore. Schneider: We had a 28 share a week and then it went away and then it came back and it came back a third time and a fourth time. People said that everyone could watch that show, but yeah, everyone could watch "Little House on the Prairie." There was something in "Dukes" and still is where if you were three, we were like a mobile in a crib, if you were 10 and rode a bicycle or you were 16 and just got your learner's permit or you were a grandparent and remember the Uncle Jesse good ol' days, it was something every demographic did watch and enjoy. Schneider: But she always wore hose underneath them. Uncle Jesse smoking pot and pinching Lynda Carter's ass. The movie made us look like stupid country bumpkins. It missed on every level except they got the color of the car right because they borrowed mine! Schneider: Yup, it's been a while since I've been to church, but you don't get unborn again. I make movies about people who kill each other justifiably, and Christians do not like me that much anymore because I drink whiskey and I believe that my relationship with God is between me and God, kind of a Johnny Cash thing. I'm a Christian for my benefit and how I walk my walk is my business, and how you walk your walk is your business. I might have jumped in that box, I might have even built some of it around myself years ago. I don't care who people marry or what people drink.

I just paid ,000 for another set of hearing aids for her.

Glasses - I don't believe she has any coverage for eyesight or glasses.


It is the most fun I've had since when I started Dukes. It's true that that which does not kill you makes you stronger. It's not the most wholesome show in the world with the bars and the cars and the fights. He legs were always covered, you just didn't realize that and Catherine Bach somehow managed to be one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world and yet a total tomboy at the same time. I care that people are honest and they're not trying to take something away from me that I've worked hard to give my kids. They give away health care to parents who can't afford to pay for treatments.It just had a little bit of everything for everyone and there's a trick to that. FOX411: Tell us about the Children's Miracle Network. FOX411: Are you concerned you have to raise money for kids cancer treatments so they don't go broke?



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