Who is young jeezy dating 2016

As much as he’s been in the spotlight, there may still be some facts that you don’t know about the CTE CEO.

The Boombox has compiled a list of lesser known details about his life.

Jeezy has yet to slip up on revealing their relationship status (or her name!

) but back in December, the rapper brought his new lady along as his date to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s annual ball, along with bringing her courtside to a few basketball games.

Jeezy had found his place, setting the tone for the trap rap subgenre alongside T. Since 2005, Jeezy has dropped the “Young” from his name, highlighting the fact that he’s grown in a variety of ways.

At his start, he founded the imprint Corporate Thugz Entertainment, which proved he was more of a businessman than a corner boy on the block.

As a matter of fact, Jeezy has taken on a whole other tone with the release of his eighth studio LP, .

Going by the name Pastor Young, the rapper has notably made a significant change in his way of thinking since making the “dope boys go crazy” 10 years ago.


Not to mention, it would explain his daughter Amra’s African-themed royal birthday bash, complete with tribal dancers, a drum melody and rose petals to walk on upon his arrival, à la ‘ style.

Others spotted in attendance at the prestigious ATL affair included rapper and good friend Ludacris, who brought along his new daughter Cai, Kandi and Todd Burress, as well as Mayor Kasim Reed and Ryan Glover.



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