Who was k michelle dating from jive records

This came just days after a very public feud with his current wife, Toya Wright. star was asked specifics about what happened during her relationship with Memphitz, whose real name is Mickey Wright, K.

According to Starcasm, Memphitz admitted to assaulting K. Michelle admitted that she was never punched during the 2009 altercation and also said that he never got physical with her again after that point. Michelle was asked about the specific abuse and her specific injuries, she answered repeatedly that she did not recall. Michelle sound even more ridiculous, her own manager is on camera claiming that it was his decision with K.

During multiple confessionals on her various reality TV projects, K.

Michelle has talked in detail about how Memphitz spent her record deal money on chains and jewelry but that she had no music to speak of from working with him. Michelle is forced to admit that several singles were produced and paid for by Jive Records and Hitz Committee, including paying artists like Missy Elliott and Rick Ross for being featured on her songs as well. Michelle announced the end of her feud with Memphitz after she claimed to face her fears and finally confront her ex after five years apart. Or was it just a really nasty fight that gets exaggerated greatly each time the story is retold?

Michelle, whose real name is Kimberly Michelle Pate, said under oath during a deposition that Memphitz did not ever punch her as well as a few other shocking admissions that seem to clear up accusations against her former boyfriend.

The video is 20-minutes long but is worth a watch, especially for those who have followed K.

Michelle to hold off on releasing a full album while under contract with Jive Records and working with Memphitz. Michelle always left out that part when she would start to rant about how she was never able to release an album while working with Memphitz when she knew that an album drop could be worse for her career than to just release singles.

Ironically, she’s been able to capitalize on her reality TV popularity in recent years and produce several relatively successful albums, which might have actually done better if K.

Michelle’s endless claims that Memphitz abused her and stole funds from her that were meant to go toward making her album.

Straight From The A claims the video was sent anonymously because someone out there in the music industry is obviously still upset by K Michelle’s claims that Memphitz beat her and spent her money, delaying her music career.

Michelle (Kimberly Michelle Pate), VH1 and producers of the hit show "Love Hip Hop Atlanta", are in the clear after a judged ruled in their favor in a 2012 filed defamation case.

Michelle's ex-boyfriend, former Jive Records executive Mickey “Memphitz” Wright Jr, filed the lawsuit in a Georgia District Court on Sept. Michelle and the network accused him of physical abuse and embezzlement on the show.



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