Who was whoopi goldberg dating

I heard Elizabeth Hassalback refer to a "Tommy" the other day on the "View".

She said she called Whoopi to see if she was feeling better, and to make sure she didn't have the Swine Flu, and "Tommy" said everything was ok and she was feeling better.

Although Whoopi Goldberg has a long list of former boyfriends and husbands it seems that she does not want her current significant others name to be made public.

She refers to "my partner" or "my significant other" or "my better half" on The View but there seems to be no record anywhere of who that person might be.



I grew up in a neighborhood where there was always gay folks." The 58-year-old comedian and talk show host, who is currently promoting her directorial debut, "Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley," also took time to acknowledge her lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) fan base.

Damon proclaimed: "I never denied those rumors because I was offended and didn’t want to offend my friends who were gay.



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